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Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Very excited to announce that I've been invited by Nike Greater China and Nike Hong Kong to remake The Cháo Dynasty into a version with Air-Max-only to celebrate Air Max Day 2019 in Hong Kong!

A very special and memorable Air Max day for me. Everybody was very nice and I had the chance to do an interview in my native language Cantonese about my art.

(Thank you 果籽 and 香港蘋果日報 for this opportunity)

Nike has a made a real official product of my creation! How cool is that! I didn't knew they were making this, so the moment that I received the box I was quite excited!

I already had the idea of making a scroll for The Cháo Dynasty, but the problem of not being able to hang up on the wall stopped me doing this. So I'm happy Nike has made a scroll of it. Only a limited run of 200 pcs that was a free give away (by a raffle system) to Nike Plus members in Hong Kong.

Also my first cover story in a magazine... one that I always take with me back to the Netherlands when I'm in Hong Kong for a few weeks: MILK Magazine.

Other media release that I was able to find:


Update 8 April 2019

Hiroshi Fujiwara was invited by Nike to speak during the "Nike On Air" panel in Hong Kong. Of course he couldn't resist to make a picture with <The Dynasty of Nike Air> and find himself on the art piece. 😜

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