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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

May I introduce to you my latest artwork...

The School of HONOR <榮耀學院> is created with the HONOR Tablet V6 (榮耀平板V6). The artwork is inspired by The School of Athens by master painter Raphael. It is also my newest art piece using the idea of gathering celebrities together, after The Cháo Dynasty <潮代> and The Hype Supper <超級晚餐>.

This time I used the magical power of 月光寶盒 to gather characters with influences of all time to one place. With the HONOR Tablet V6 (榮耀平板V6) and the Magic-Pencil, I also combined the aesthetics of technology with traditional culture.

It was a new and nice experience for me to use just a pencil and a tablet to make a full coloured artwork. I quite like it cuz I could draw wherever and whenever I want to draw with just these two tools.

There are some “surprises” in the artwork. You’re welcome to share or comment if you find any 🤓

Some rough sketches before I really kicked off with the HONOR Tablet V6 (榮耀平板V6) and the Magic-Pencil.

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Dec 25, 2020


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