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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

There it is! My latest creation in months, designed for @labclouk to be a part of their interior. LABCLO, a new established fashion retail store based in Birmingham.

The artwork is called [Let it be Yesterday] and is inspired by the album cover of The Beatles with the Abbey Road replaced by the iconic neon signs street view of Hong Kong.

Neon signs once dominated Hong Kong’s skyline but are under threat from new regulations and technology. During my visits in Hong Kong the past few years I did noticed there are less neon signs than in the past. Although disappearing of the neon signs might be better for the environment but i don’t think we don’t want to see this typical Hong Kong culture to disappear and to end up in a museum.

“Let it be” and “Yesterday” were the two songs that brought me in touch with The Beatles. They were often sung during my music lessons at high school. All I remember was a teacher with a piano sitting in the front and like 30 students sitting in 2 rows, singing without any feeling, like reading the lyrics. Some good old memories. ☺️

Enough talking for now. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view~ 😉

Canvas prints will be available from Saturday 12 September 2020, 10:00 CEST on my webshop. Limited quantities and first come first serve. Set your alarm and good luck!

A rough sketch in the early stage of the process.

To @labclouk > My apologies for playing with your patience 😂. After more than 1,5 years… here it is! Hope you guys like it!

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