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Updated: Mar 7, 2021

A special project for @nikehkg Kicks Lounge in @k11musea in Hong Kong celebrating sneaker culture through art.

Amplifying the relationship between sports, athletes and sneakers. Without sports there won’t be athletes, without athletes there won’t be sneakers… and without sneaker, there might be no Digiway 😜


The art piece is inspired by the famous iconic photo “Lunch atop a skyscraper” that is taken on a construction of a high-rise building in New York in 1932. It’s the perfect inspiration for this project: Hong Kong, the city with many skyscrapers, hills and mountain, as background decor and the diversity of Nike athletes who dare to take the risk doing dangerous moves high up in the air on the Swoosh. The indifference to risk resembles the Just Do It spirit!

This project is actually like a dream come true and giving me much energy! Keep working hard, never stop hustling and there are always opportunities and hope, just like strong message of the original photo.

Like in all Nike store there will always be a big swoosh behind the cashier. This art piece will be that swoosh! =) It will be a permanent part of the decoration of the Nike Kicks Lounge. Don’t hesitate to visit the store in the @k11musea when you’re in Hong Kong.

Some pictures of the design process. Before we took the “Lunch atop a skyscraper” as inspiration, there was another design that also took Hong Kong as background, but in a different way.

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