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Updated: Aug 15, 2022

A special piece that is made in collaboration with a company with a very rich and long history: 榮寶齋 (Rong Bao Zhai).

The art piece is inspired by Gu Hongzhong’s 韓熙載夜宴圖 (The night revels of Han Xizai). It was painted on a silk handscroll of 335,5 x 28,7 cm. Gu was reportedly sent to spy on 韓熙載 Han Xizai (a minister of the Southern Tang). In one of the story, Han repeatedly missed morning audiences with Li Yu (a ruler of the Southern Tang state) because of his revelry and needed to be shamed into dignified behaviour. In another version, Han refused Li Yu’s offer to become prime minister. To check Han’s suitability and find out what he was doing at home, Li sent Gu to one of Han’s night parties and depict what he saw.

(Source: wikipedia)

On the original artwork a very bored 韓熙載 Han Xizai is displayed that looks like nothing is amusing or entertaining him. By bringing him a few of the most important persons in our present history and hype gadgets of nowadays an unforgettable night is guaranteed in <潮人YEAH宴圖 / From Dusk Till Dawn>.

The artwork is divided in 5 scenes. From right to left:

1) 夜蒲 / Clubbing

2) 機舖 / Arcade

3) 波鞋街 / Sneaker Street

4) 音樂椅 / Musical Chairs

5) 再見 / Goodbye

榮寶齋 Rong Bao Zhai is a comprehensive cultural enterprise in Beijing which markets painting and calligraphy. Rong Bao Zhai, former 松竹齋 Song Zhu Zhai, was set up in 1672. Song Zhu Zhai was a famous South Paper shop in the Qianlong reign. In 1894, Song Zhu Zhai set up a branch named Rong Bao Zhai which means making friends with art and regarding reputation as the most precious.

First appearance of 榮寶齋 x DIGIWAY <潮人YEAH宴圖 / From dusk till dawn> at the China Licensing Expo in Shanghai 2020.

CCTV Documentary about 榮寶齋 including <潮人YEAH宴圖>

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