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After the《Rap Summit In CHAOverse潮代之說唱巔峰》in late 2022, @whystopofficial and Digiway are bringing you a new chapter! We present to you《The Rhythm Watch 夜巡》.

In this new version I do not only pay tribute to the Dutch national treasure (The Night Watch by Rembrandt van Rijn), I also pay tribute to some other representatives of the rap culture. Merging the Chinese and Western rap culture across time and space in my CHAOverse and sharing peace and joy of the ancient and modern cultures.

By using the iconic light and shadows in The Night Watch (Yin Yang), I hope to express the vigorous development of the Chinese rap culture, which cannot be separated from the exchange and integration of Chinese and Western cultures over the years.

For now, enjoy the details below and a Happy Lunar New Year in advance!

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