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Since I’ve created one of my favorite art piece《The Cháo Dynasty》in 2018, there’s been over 700 people I’ve invited into my Chao universe (CHAOverse) party.

This year, I am getting so fascinated by Chinese hip hop, that I’ve decided to invite iconic Chinese rap stars GAI周延 @gai_zhou , VAVA毛衍七 @vava_mis, AIR艾热 @air4real, Bridge布瑞吉 @bridge0023, 早安, Will.T威尔 willllllt, FOX胡天渝 @badfox369, and L4WUDU雾都 @l4wd_official, from the top premium music corp D.M.G (Dream Music Group) to join my CHAOverse party.

I am so honored to announce that the new artwork with WHYSTOP @Whystopofficial《Rap Summit in CHAOverse》will be officially launched on Dewu得物 APP today!

It has been a great time working with you all, we hope that the Chinese hip hop culture will be inherited and blooming for the next centuries. Just like the《Along the river during Qingming festival 清明上河图)》, it will become a part of the treasure of human beings.

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